Welcome to our tiny corner of the web, allow me to take a moment to explain some of what we do here at Phalanx Media Networks.  Founded by Daniel Nelms, Michael Horne and Jonathan Nelms, our limited liability company consists of three partners, we founded the company in April of 2007 primarily to make managing our small network of websites easier to manage however it soon grew to encompass more than just web holdings.  Here are just a few of the main activities.

Publishing of books and e-books.

Trading of precious metals.

Software development for mobile devices such a Windows Phone 7, Android and iPhone / iPad


Phalanx Media Networks

Founded in April of 2007 Phalanx Media Networks, LLC is a group managed Limited Liability Company registered in the United States in Louisville Georgia.

Operations consist of managing websites, Publishing, Software development, and Precious Metals.